Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Painting a house - the real cost

There are more hazards and costs to painting an interior of house than one might realize. They could easily include martial  issues, safety issues, health issues, sanity issues and so on. When painting our basement over the past weeks (one of the reasons for the few number of blog entries) I had to wonder the real cost of painting.

Of course there is the paint and supplies, thats easy and definable. Well, it should be. Of course when you decide to change the colour after you have already bought the paint, well that can be a little costly. That aside though there are less definable costs. For example: the cost where painting a room leads to painting another room, which leads to a carpet change which leads to ???. Or another cost where, with all the junk moved around and furniture jammed into other rooms or into the garage can create a tripping hazard causing injury. Fortunately this wasn't the case this go round but it sure could have been. Then there is this one that did happen: I was painting a small access door on the dining room table late one evening. On the VERY LAST stroke of the brush, the stroke that would define completion of all tasks, I knocked over the gallon of paint. It hit the dining room floor with such a force paint splashed into the living room onto carpet, and furniture! We did manage to clean it up in about an hours worth of scrubbing and carpet cleaning with only a few spots still visible. So the cost in this case was possibly a new chair and about four hours of sleep as I was so wound up I could sleep.

So what really is the true cost of doing your own painting? Will I do it all over again? Yes likely. :)


  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2010

    In spite of myself I had to chuckle at the painting scenario - knocking over the paint can - I had that experience a few yr ago, which led to replacing the old carpet with hardwood.....what was the real cost of painting the living room????

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    What would be the cost of not painting? Unhappiness of partner? Very expensive.... Cost of hiring professionals? Probably many dineros. Possible thousands. Cost of only paint and supplies..probably not so much. Then new look of home.