Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roughriders and Durant...

OK this is a few days late and I have had some time to settle down from our loss to the Eskimos. One thing for sure is cut Durant some slack. It is insane in my view to be ready to diss Durant after a few interceptions. Yes they dash our hope, but surely we must remember he is still a young quarterback and even more so we have to remember he remains THE best upcoming QB in the league. When he plays I find the games exciting. The potential and hope is tremendous as is the disappointment. Therein lies the problem with being so emotionally tied to a sports team.

But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chilean miners

I cannot imagine both the dread these miners must face for their immediate future vs the elation that have been found and will be rescued, albeit 3-4 mos. in the future. In the meantime they have to live together in a small area and almost no services. For sure I will be praying for them as I am sure most who follow this story will be. While rescue is in their future it will be an a miracle for them to go through this ordeal intact. The mental stress, well, I ca't begin to understand what a toll that will have. May God bless them and the rescuers and their families in the coming months.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finishing up

Back to work and its great. Problem is the reno is in limbo with only a couple hours a day to do anything.  That may be just as well though because in the finishing side of things there is a lot of starting and stopping. Paint then wait to dry then pint again being the most prevalent of items at this point. I wonder if there is a way to speed it up? None that I can think of. Only one way works: keep plugging away. In that plugging I have to wonder when exactly the end of the reno will happen or will it?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vacation - where did you go?

Three weeks have passed and its back to regular work tomorrow, or work for pay as some refer to it. I have mixed emotions about it. On the downside I am disappointed na sad I was not able to complete the renos I have begun.  A lot was accomplished to the detriment of R&R but as I watch the news at any time I am reminded life could be worse. On the plus side I love my work so I am excited to return and rejoin the great people I work beside.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nurses OT pay...

In Saskatoon it was reported one nurse made nearly $250000. I can't but help wade into this one.

The numbers:
1.  I believe there were only just a few nurses with the "excessive pay". What about the other thousands of nurses? Perhaps these few could be considered "workaholics"?
2. The top earner apparently averaged 72 hrs / week. Thats about 75% more than the 40 hrs / week. So at $88000+ 75% of 88000 his actual OT pay is actually only making an additional $66000. OOOO we should watch that money disappear when it could really be used in the healthcare system! Get real...that is a drop in the bucket!
3. He works too many hours, is not attentive etc. was a comment on the Gormley show. I bet you think  nothing of hopping aboard a flight where the pilot and stewardess's have worked 12 hours or more straight.
4. He said 5 years to get his degree followed by 6 years to get to the top scale.  Sounds about right. In any workplace that is the timeline for most any University graduate. $88000 is not at all to much to pay for one who could accidentally kill you by making a mistake.
5. Nurses I know are stressed to the max and really do not want a lot of OT. They do go in when needed and sometimes even because the 2x pay looks attractive. There are every number of reasons why the OT happens.
6. The final number: ONE should be careful about making broad assumptions about health care givers based on one or two "excessive earners".

Oak - where does it come from?

Ok, some smarty pants is going to say trees. Duh! Of course, the only reason I recognize that is it would likely be me were this be someone else's post. I digress. I just finished sanding the oak floors for the renovation. Sanding for a better part of 24 hours caused me to wonder, where does all the oak wood come from. Spruce and fir and poplar and Bamboo I get,: there are forests of them. But oak? I have no recollection of an oak forest anywhere. Is there? Maybe you can enlighten me., cause I have no clue.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am tired

Heading into a renovation where you have three weeks to complete it it is a daunting task. Being about half way through I am approaching burnout. Thanks for those who have been helping out, it has made a big difference. Its hard to stay focussed when like this. It's easy to waste time and spent more time looking for stuff like tools. Of course as things go back together many things are time dependent on something else, meaning there can be down times too. I wonder what I feel like in a week!

Friday, August 6, 2010

One week has past

I am well into the renos now, I had better be with 1/3 of allotted time behind me. So far though its been pretty good. All electrical is complete the bathroom is on the mend as I begin mudding today. We have a plan for the kitchen cupboards and countertop. As the mud dries I move onto painting and lifting the kitchen floor followed by a new subfloor. injuries? Wel so far nothing major. Skin off a couple knuckles that keep getting re-injured is the worse so far, but could be worse! A bit of a late start today though.

We went to Cirque de Solie - Allegria last night - those performers are amazing. As they all came up for their bow at the end (30 maybe) I couldn't help wonder though how many more were behind the scenes and deserve as much of the applause. To all who put it on - well done.