Sunday, September 26, 2010

CFL Refereeing

Some faulty calls in the Rider Hamilton game and the Blue Bombers robbed. What is going on?

So the Bombers desperately needing a win recover a fumble in the last minute of the game which would have been the win. However the refs in Toronto ruled it an incomplete pass and Montreal went on to win the game. The guy caught the ball had it secured and got 1 1/2 strides when he got hit. What are the requirements?

In the Rider game we called for offsides on the goal line, and they were infringing on the one yard zone.  Yet only a minute later the camera shows the TigerCats doing exactly the same and its not called. Where is the consistency?

I really thought the refereeing has improved but I am beginning to have doubts. I do not want the Riders to lose a game because of a bad call.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The long gun registry

So the by the narrowest of margins our elected officials decided to keep the registry.Let me first say I do not own a gun of any sort. Though I would like to go hunting occasionally, without a rifle its a little difficult. That said what burns a hole in me is the cost of this registry. Isn't it something like $2 billion / year? How many police officers with boots on the ground would that cover? Let's say it costs $200000 / year / officer, including training, infrastructure, equipment etc. to have a an officer on active duty. So using simple math that would be 10000 officers available to tackle some real issues like gangs, drugs, violence or even the small things like crime perpetrated on the internet. Maybe I'm just a simple guy from a small city but wouldn't that be money well spent? According to StatsCan in '09 there was 67000+ police in this country. Adding 10000 would be a 15% increase. Thats huge. Wouldn't that make a bigger dent than a registry? How come no one suggested that as a compromise to getting rid of it?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sports commentary - The Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders: Regina, Sask.

I wasn't at the game and in some ways I'm glad I wasn't. I would have no voice today from being horse from the game. I could have been OK until the last 5 minutes of the game when yelling and screaming and cheering would have been mandatory for all. With only 3 seconds on the clock I'm afraid I really would have went horse yelling at Coach Miller: "NO, don't do it!". The big question in Saskatchewan today and last night for those driving home last night would have been "What was he thinking?"

My bet is he was thinking if Congi misses the 35 yd field goal (unlikely) we will lose when they run it back  for a touchdown. This is more likely since we aren't great at stopping those runbacks. Johnson of course was kicking great all night, had the wind at his back, so he should be able to do the the 55 yards. What else ould he be thinking? What he should have thinking though was how great Congi is. He is quickly earning the nickname Robokicker II. How many games have we won based on a field goal in the last three seconds. More than I care to remember.

I can't help but wonder though if it was Daley who suggested this insane approach to a win. His offensive play calling has been suspect lately.

Then there is the O-line who was practically flawless last night. What happened? I can only guess it was playing with intensity, at home. What we saw Durant and the receivers do last night is what happens when the O-line is playing as it should. Now the next worry - the D-line.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some questions?

Why are the Chilean Miners communications being censored?

How is it the Saskatchewan Roughriders are lack lustre on offensive (mostly the O-line) then suddenly they are able to put together a drive that scores as easy as a hot knife through butter?

Got an NDP thing in the mail, I LOL with the negativity and the apparent false statements. Saskatchewan to perform worst. Yet the economy is predicted to grow 5 - 6%. Why do they do that?

Curling is to start October 1. Wow, what happened to summer?

So, the (sing along) Victoria Bridge in Saskatoon is falling down, falling down, why not just build a new one?

Did you know there was actually a guy named "O. Henry"?