Monday, May 31, 2010

Brad Wall - the rainmaker

I am pretty sure we can blame Brad Wall for all the rain we've been getting. Of course that includes the flooded basements and mucky back alleys. That includes too the soaked farmers fields, so saturated they can't get the equipment on them, much less seed. It doesn't matter what happens - we HAVE to blame the politician(s) in charge. They are high and mighty after all, couldn't they have done something??

In the gulf its Obama's fault the oil is rolling up on the shores. In greece its the government too. Shouldn't they have known that all those benefits, like retirement in your early 50's, and bonuses to show up to work on time, would bankrupt the country?  Well in that case they should have known. You know what I mean though. We always look for someone to blame.

What I wrote is tongue in cheek but you can be sure someone somewhere is going to blame Brad Wall for all of this rain.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Time flies - don't it?

The interesting thing about time is you really don't notice it unless its in relation to something else; a start and end point. Here it is May 28th and a whole week has past since my last blog post. Probably the world, or your world didn't stop, I know mine didn't! I guess that is what busyness or other factors come into play and propel us from one point in time to another. Whether one is wanting it or not time just keeps pushing us to the next point where we say "what time is it?" or, "oh its that time!" or "where did the time go?" 

I couldn't help notice a Facebook friend who is their own world of time: early rises, rushing to one thing from another, yet all needing to be done. In the end they will probably have some thought to themselves like, "What happened?". I guess thats when each of us wonder if all the time consuming things we do is worth it. If it involves people and relationships it usually is.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Grey's Anatomy finale

Here's what I wonder - what were the producers thinking? If they came up with a plot even I could guess, (see my prognostication post) then I'm thinking they were just plain lazy. The finale was so unbelievable I hate to say it but it compared with "Mercy". Really, could SWAT really have shot the guy and then lost him? Would they have only hit him in the shoulder? Come on! Would they really lock down the hospital and leave people to die? Couldn't Maranda use the phone and call for help??

I have to give the actors credit though they at least did their part fairly realistically. How would I know I have to wonder - I have never been shot nor have I been in such a stressful situation. Oh wait... I was at work this week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thought questions

Now here's a website I can endorse: It fits right in with me wondering about things. Things like: "Where would you most like to go and why?"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Parent again...

Being a grandparent is a job that is so much fun. However, the next week should be interesting as we look after ou little 2 year old for a week or so. One thing I do not wonder about is why babies are usually reserved for the young. It is a busy job and tiring. But she smiles once and its all OK again. Gotta love it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have a cold...but its warm out!

I know this happens to everyone but how and why? Its 25C here, a beautiful day and yet I catch a cold! Shouldn't one get a cold when it's cold out? Why call it a cold in the first place? If its Coughing, RUnny nose, Sneezing, and all round feeling Terrible, why not call it CRUST? Oh no I caught a CRUST! It makes as much sense as calling it a "cold". Cold implies you get it when its cold out. And why do we say "I caught a cold?", when clearly the cold virus caught us? Some things I will never understand, maybe you can clear it up for me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Saskatchewan Legislature....

The Saskatchewan legislature I believe, next to the Canadian Parliament is probably the most raucous around. It has been that way for years with the exception of perhaps 2006-2009. The biggest problem seems to be the return of Dwain Lingenfelter to politics as leader of the Negative, oops, pardon me..the New Democratic Party. Every party in power has slip ups, changes and problems that need to be worked through but I wonder does the NDP need to resort to personal attacks. Where is respect? I remember speaking to an NDP individual and expressing my view, and I think most Saskatchewan people, that a more cooperative approach to government is needed. Criticism is OK but solely to bring down the government in order to raise your stature is the expression of a school yard bully. I am sorry but thats the way I see Mr. Lingenfelter at this point.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cluster map

I thought it might be fun to add the cluster map to my page. It is on the right part way down. its to bad I hadn't added earlier with the visits from the States, Brazil, and Russia. Oh well. It has caused me to wonder why I write this. Truth is I am not sure I have an answer. I enjoy writing, I also get a smile seeing where people are coming from to view this sight. I do wish comments would be left but oh well, mostly I write for myself. One day at a time. It has given a bit to ponder about the struggle journalists go through when they need to write everyday for a job. I don't have to so I don't worry about it. It would be difficult though.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Season finales prognostications...

OK, so its that time of year again where the main TV dramas leave us gasping for air and wondering how the season will end. Who will be back? Who dies and who survives another season. So heres a some of mine:
Grey's Anatomy: I suspect the guy on this weeks show who is so angry at Derek for "killing" his wife will will continue to escalate his anger. In the last show Derek will be shot and everyone will be left for the summer wondering if he survives. 
NCIS: Its time for the director Vance to be put off so he will somehow be entangled in something that involves him and Ducky. Only Vance though is expendable as the rest of the cast is to good together.
Mercy: Well, its got so many holes in it I'm not sure if anyone is safe. I think this one will evolve it something akin to Glee. Speaking of Glee, may the TV gods kill this before all the networks are creating musicals for the next decade!
House: I still watch this waiting for House to make a turn-around but its the same old house. No real nice guy at all. 

How about you? Care to leave a comment with your prognostications?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The fight between winter and summer

I just noticed there have been some people from Moscow and Quebec reading my blog. So I know they can appreciate this entry. Every year in the spring we endure the fight between winter and summer. Yesterday was a nice day, 16C and the sun was shining for part of the day. Then the clouds came in and it rained all night. Coming to work this morning - snow. Then its supposed to get nice again by Thursday. It just seems like you never know what exactly is going to be the conditions. Even the weather channels change forecasts almost hourly. There have also been some visitors from Beunos Aires. I am pretty sure they don't have to deal with this. Oh well summer WILL win!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My son's birthday...

So many memories, good and bad. Who doesn't have the bad ones, everybody does but everybody's good ones are unique to them. Like when he was born and we named him Jonathan meaning: "God's gift". When he was about 4 and got himself dressed up as a hockey goalie. How about dancing in grade 5 to music, I can't remember the group but they were the ones from the 90's that could canned for lip syncing. Playing soccer for 10-12 years, watched 90% of them and cheered him on. Then onto football with HCHS, then Vancouver, then Winnipeg then Chilliwack. Seeing him play his cousin and being named MVP for Winnipeg. So man times too seeing his kindness to others helping when he can. Where did all the time go?