Monday, May 31, 2010

Brad Wall - the rainmaker

I am pretty sure we can blame Brad Wall for all the rain we've been getting. Of course that includes the flooded basements and mucky back alleys. That includes too the soaked farmers fields, so saturated they can't get the equipment on them, much less seed. It doesn't matter what happens - we HAVE to blame the politician(s) in charge. They are high and mighty after all, couldn't they have done something??

In the gulf its Obama's fault the oil is rolling up on the shores. In greece its the government too. Shouldn't they have known that all those benefits, like retirement in your early 50's, and bonuses to show up to work on time, would bankrupt the country?  Well in that case they should have known. You know what I mean though. We always look for someone to blame.

What I wrote is tongue in cheek but you can be sure someone somewhere is going to blame Brad Wall for all of this rain.

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