Friday, May 7, 2010

Season finales prognostications...

OK, so its that time of year again where the main TV dramas leave us gasping for air and wondering how the season will end. Who will be back? Who dies and who survives another season. So heres a some of mine:
Grey's Anatomy: I suspect the guy on this weeks show who is so angry at Derek for "killing" his wife will will continue to escalate his anger. In the last show Derek will be shot and everyone will be left for the summer wondering if he survives. 
NCIS: Its time for the director Vance to be put off so he will somehow be entangled in something that involves him and Ducky. Only Vance though is expendable as the rest of the cast is to good together.
Mercy: Well, its got so many holes in it I'm not sure if anyone is safe. I think this one will evolve it something akin to Glee. Speaking of Glee, may the TV gods kill this before all the networks are creating musicals for the next decade!
House: I still watch this waiting for House to make a turn-around but its the same old house. No real nice guy at all. 

How about you? Care to leave a comment with your prognostications?

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