Sunday, September 26, 2010

CFL Refereeing

Some faulty calls in the Rider Hamilton game and the Blue Bombers robbed. What is going on?

So the Bombers desperately needing a win recover a fumble in the last minute of the game which would have been the win. However the refs in Toronto ruled it an incomplete pass and Montreal went on to win the game. The guy caught the ball had it secured and got 1 1/2 strides when he got hit. What are the requirements?

In the Rider game we called for offsides on the goal line, and they were infringing on the one yard zone.  Yet only a minute later the camera shows the TigerCats doing exactly the same and its not called. Where is the consistency?

I really thought the refereeing has improved but I am beginning to have doubts. I do not want the Riders to lose a game because of a bad call.

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