Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Edmonton ... downtown

I have spent the past few days in Edmonton with some work colleagues and colleagues from across Westren Canada at WCUPPA. It has been a very good learning experience. I did not get an opportunity to really see much of U of A or Edmonton for that metter. What I can say though is the hospitality of those in the city, both from the University through to the sponsors and to the people we met downtown and on the LRT has been fantastic. I really tip my hat to to the city. For sure they will be a great host to the Grey Cup this year.

As we rode the LRT I wondered how far Saskatoon was away from a similar system. A long way I know, it will be a discussion with those of my children's age, for sure. Still I am sure someone in the city is planning for it. I wondered as well  about the effort that went in to the conference. Somehow these organizers who do similar work to me and others there were able to do their jobs and organize all of this. A Herculean task for sure.

One of the things I will be pondering for sure in the coming days will be the words of Walter Bond the motivational speaker we were fortunate to be able to attend.

Lastly its Alexander Keith's Birthday! Have a good one!

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