Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nurses OT pay...

In Saskatoon it was reported one nurse made nearly $250000. I can't but help wade into this one.

The numbers:
1.  I believe there were only just a few nurses with the "excessive pay". What about the other thousands of nurses? Perhaps these few could be considered "workaholics"?
2. The top earner apparently averaged 72 hrs / week. Thats about 75% more than the 40 hrs / week. So at $88000+ 75% of 88000 his actual OT pay is actually only making an additional $66000. OOOO we should watch that money disappear when it could really be used in the healthcare system! Get real...that is a drop in the bucket!
3. He works too many hours, is not attentive etc. was a comment on the Gormley show. I bet you think  nothing of hopping aboard a flight where the pilot and stewardess's have worked 12 hours or more straight.
4. He said 5 years to get his degree followed by 6 years to get to the top scale.  Sounds about right. In any workplace that is the timeline for most any University graduate. $88000 is not at all to much to pay for one who could accidentally kill you by making a mistake.
5. Nurses I know are stressed to the max and really do not want a lot of OT. They do go in when needed and sometimes even because the 2x pay looks attractive. There are every number of reasons why the OT happens.
6. The final number: ONE should be careful about making broad assumptions about health care givers based on one or two "excessive earners".


  1. Are you disagreeing with gormley's swipe at overpaid health care professionals?? Please turn in your mgt badge!!

  2. LOL - Because I disagree with Gormley I cannot be a manager? Sorry I am not that one sided. OT is simply a tool in the management toolbox. I did think the OT Gormley referred to was excessive. I cannot speak to the motives of the individual or of management. I only know for sure that when I need my charges to work OT I am extremely grateful that those who do are willing to do so. It is of utmost importance that as a manager that work / home life balance is maintained. Therefore when there is to much OT swinging in one persons direction I have asked others to step up and pitch in. As I said OT is simply a tool, and like all tools one must be careful to not get injured or cause injury using it.