Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter problems

It can almost be like clockwork...The temperature drops and whatever is not ready for winter fails. The problem is in attempting to predict where and what will fail. Two years ago in my new job it was like a "baptism by fire". Some who had been around for years said they never had seen it issues as troublesome as what was being experienced that winter. Last year almost the opposite, major troubles were infrequent and far between. This year so far it beginning to build with major issues that were quite unexpected. Will it continue? that is the question which has no answer. I do no one thing for sure: the guys doing the work around here are diligent at ensuring that we have done as much as knowingly possible to keep the surprises to a minimum. For that I am grateful.

 MOvember is upon us:  Check it out my progress and leave a donation towards prostate cancer research here.

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