Friday, April 23, 2010

This makes me angry!!

It has come to my attention through an email subscription "windows secrets"  that Windows Live (used to be messenger and MSN) is somehow getting information on us and sharing it with anyone who wants to see it, through the "What's new" portion of your home page of Windows Live. I believe everyone had to upgrade in order to continue using MSN. I wonder where and how they are getting the information from? PLEASE, if you are using Windows Live go to your home page and see the "What's New" section. If there is information on your friends there, you can be guaranteed they are seeing information about you. Information from Facebook or other social sites. NEXT go to your permissions page and with much labor set each one as suits you. The default is PUBLIC for EVERYONE to view.

If anyone is interested in viewing the article please leave me a comment with your email addy. I won't publish it. I can then send you a copy.

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