Sunday, July 4, 2010

Disappearing holidays

For many years I have looked forward to summer holidays, the getting away, going camping, sight seeing, whatever. It seems though every year something seems to take precedence. This year is no exception. Things were looking good until June 30th, when a tenant decided she was vacating her place. We have known that when that happened we would need to do a reno, but were oping it would be a couple years away.In an instant I saw vacation disappear and again it would be a working summer. Change is as good as a rest they say. Sometimes I know this is true, and have experienced it. This time though, as much as I enjoy renovations this one will likely be a bit hard to swallow. 

It could be worse though right? I have holidays to do this. I have the capabilities. I have great support in my family. My tenant is letting us start before the end of the month. The reno is almost identical to last years so I know what to do. Yes, I guess it will be alright. :)

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