Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fertilizer and lawns!

I don't think there is a man alive who as he is mowing wonders why he fertilized. None of us really enjoy mowing, we only like the look after we have mowed. In fertilizing we have guaranteed mowing every 2-3 days instead of once per week. Yes, we all like the dark green, but what about using paint? Yeah, I know thats just plain stupid. So scrap that. I guess I'll just enjoy the green and healthy lawn look and accept I have to mow more often.

Speaking of being stupid, I bought a used rotary fertilizer spreader. I filled it up checked the settings and proceeded to fertilize. It all seemed to be going well until I realized that in about 10 feet I had used half of my fertilizer! Apparently the setting wheel read opposite of what I thought it should. So, I after a few choice words I adjusted the outlet and proceeded for the next 20 ft. to apply at an amount that would have me mowing every 4 hours. After several attempts I finally got it it reduced to where it should be. So I now have a nice dark lawn in some places growing at a rapid pace, a normal green lawn for most of the area and 3 galaxy shaped locations that are brown! :( Good thing I can laugh at myself!

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