Sunday, July 18, 2010

What is it...answered..maybe..

So on my drive to and from Meadow Lake I saw many possible explanations for the image I left on my previous post. The most likely is a tire tread. However if you zoom in on the thing you will notice web feet and a bill and what looks like wings. Not a dead one mind you but one that flew up beside their vehicle when they went by. So, as I don't know how the Google camera works I am going to go with a tire tread . What do you think?

With all the rain we have had here the countryside is greener than I have ever seen it. I could also see water laying in the fields to. I also seven deer, five alive and two dead. So as for driving it was a good trip with lots to see.

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  1. Oh yeah, its totally a busted semi tire. The birds look a lot flatter when they die on the road.